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My RawFood Days, continued…

So far, I like what I eat and I like the process of making up (or getting some recipe ideas via the net) my dishes.  I may have to work on the athtetics a bit, but hell, right now it is only mea eating my food. But yes, maybe today’s desert should have been put in contact with a blender… 🙂 It tasted great, though. What it was ? Curd-coconut-dried Cranberry delight.

No immediate changes other that I feel inspired by keeping to it !


My Salad Days I

I toda embark on a fourty day adventure. I will try to mostly eat raw food.

How come? Why now? Why share this here when energy is your topic?

It is Ash Wednesday today, and although I consider myself agnostic, I grew up with Roman Catholic traditions. Today, I see Ssh Wednesday and the begining of lent as an opportunity to begin something new; to start a new good habit; within a defined framework, so to speak.  I want to observe what testing or shaping this habit to be evokes, in myself, in my perception of food, the body and ind. And I want to know also what it does in terms of energy.  Personal energy for the most part; but also how much does it affect my carbon footprint.

One effect is of course that, if you want to eat mostly raw food, it needs to be exceedingly fresh. Hence the food should be travelling the least possible distance. I am already quite a “Locavore” eating organic fresh local (regional) food, but I wish to increase that share, and also to become more creative testing new recipes.

I hope to become more mindful while preparing and eating.

I hope to get more energy which I currently drown in tea and coffee consumption.


Today’s lunch (photo) already had a first surprise at hand… it took me much longer to finish the dish than it would have, say, eating a bowl of spaghetti with some veggie sauce.  Nice. I likr that.  One step taken. Looking forward to the next ones.

Crunchy greetings! 🙂



Sometimes,  I read someone else’s texts and think that there is nothing to add, it has to be shared. I do not take credit, I might argue at some points, or I just agree.

This time I agree and thank Hans Nilsson, Fourfact from Sweden in his column written for the eceee website.

In case you do not know eceee (spoken e c triple e) – The European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, it is worth being a member!

Read Hans Nilsson’s column.

Efficient greetings.

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